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First, and foremost, we love Jesus.  We exist to serve Him and give Him the glory through all things.  We believe that God created the heavens and the earth, that He created us in Him image, and that He sent His one and only Son, Jesus, to save us from our sins.  We believe in the resurrection and we believe that God’s will is perfect and all things happen according to His will – we pray that we will always give Him the glory in good and bad.

We are passionate about sharing our love for marriage, and on its importance and sacredness in Christ.  We have been blessed with numerous opportunities to counsel and encourage others in their marriages.  God has blessed us with the privilege to speak on occasion – outside of our congregation – and we don’t take those chances lightly.  We are called to live a life pleasing to God, that all of our actions and words should direct others to Him.  While we are not perfect and we do fall short, we are humbled that He still uses us to glorify Him.


Tom is currently full-time Pastor at Newsoms Baptist Church, in Newsoms, VA.  You can find his sermons here and follow along his Jesus & Coffee weekday devotions here. Ashlee is a work-at-home-mom, she helps with the church social media, is a travel specialist with Unforgettable Destinations, manages/shares numerous affiliate links for things we love using (like oils, vitamins, books, groceries, & more). We are very excited to share that we are partnered with Faith & Family Retreat, you can learn more about that here.

Tom and Ashlee met when she was dating his college roommate, a couple years later – both single – God brought them back together and the rest is HIStory. (See what we did there ).  They got married in 2008, while Tom was serving as a Youth Pastor, Ashlee was a supervisor at Starbucks (after Isaac was born Ashlee became a stay-at-home-mom).  Tom and Ashlee have four awesome boys and one amazing little girl. Isaac – named “Isaac” so that when we look at him we will be reminded of the story of Abraham and Isaac, Genesis 22:1-14. We wanted our firstborn to always be a reminder that our relationship with God is the most important, even more important than our children, that no matter where He calls us to serve Him, no matter the cost, our obedience to God must always come first. Nathanael – “gift from God” or “God has given”; Nathanael was born almost exactly one year after Tom’s father had passed away, and there couldn’t be a child more like his PawPaw than our Nate. Given to us as a gift, we have full faith in this, God is constantly reminding us of the gift we have from Him in our children.  Nathanael serves as a reminder that our children are indeed just that, a precious gift from God. Samuel – “God hears” or “ask of God”.  We [or well, specifically Ashlee] have always prayed for [at least] three boys.  More than that, the time leading up to and during Ashlee’s pregnancy with Samuel, we were asking some pretty big things of God.  We had been in a season of waiting and growth and we were in prayer that God would move in us, that He would provide us with ways to serve Him. We had another name in mind, but as soon as we had the ultrasound at 20 weeks, we knew our boy’s name was supposed to be Samuel. God heard our cries, and He answered. ...and boy does God hear Samuel, our most talkative one of them all! Ezekiel - "God is my strength", little did we know the birth of our boy would carry us into a season where we would need the strength of the Lord so deeply. Atarah -- "crown" or "blessing" God was not finished growing our family, our girl is a blessing we didn't know was coming, or that we needed. She is the finishing crown to our family of 7. We truly are blessed with our children, each of them a gift.

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